štvrtok 13. marca 2014

Ain't got time for that!

Hello guys!

I was planning to write something like 3 month summary and it suddenly changed to 4 month summary and I still haven't even started! I just know one thing I don't have time for that. To write, to crochet, to read, to go climbing (I only went like once a week and I can see how much weaker I am) or just do whatever.

When I look at my facebook, I see photos of other au pairs actually doing staff even with other au pairs. Imagine! I've been in Chicago for more than 4 months and I know two au pairs. One I know from school and only because we are in same class. I haven't met her outside of class yet. Other I met my first week and since than like 5 times? Not really that much is it? I am getting a feeling I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what yet. There is an au pair that lives just few houses away from me and I still haven't met her.

I admit, that I take nap (1 hr.) almost every day, but if you work at 6am and go to bed around 11pm or midnight you need a nap. Five to six hours of sleep just isn't enough. I've tried to go without nap and my body crashed and even after I stopped being sick, I still had pretty big crisis. Worst two weeks ever. Not doing that again.

Oh. And just a little peek to my craziness. In our house, there is currently 5 adults (+ extra nanny), 4 children (2 yr, twins - 2 months, 4 months) and 4 dogs. And for HW 2nd birthday party? 17 toddlers, 32 adults!

Maybe I will see you again. maybe.

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